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Justin Bieber Fans Have Turned Away

Justin Bieber Fans Have Turned Away

Justin Bieber Fans Have Turned Away

It is no secret that Justin Bieber is not the most constructive celebrity to grace the world’s presence; in fact, the singer’s reputation has been declining faster than most can keep up. From a petition to get him deported, to vocal questioning of whether or not the star gets the justified amount of punishment for his heinous attitude, Bieber’s fans  have rapidly turned away from him in shame.

The devotion of a fan is a hard thing to taint. Many Bieber fans loved him through his first mishaps, with hopeful admiration and naivety that his bad behavior was a phase. Everyone, fans and neutrals alike, now know that Bieber’s seemingly constant shenanigans are not a phase. The 20-year-old entertainer has a knack for disrespecting everyone, authority or not, and a disinterest in keeping fans in love with him. Many fans have lost interest in looking for the good in Bieber, and instead have turned away from him, possibly due to a series of particularly bad episodes.

According to many previous fans, Bieber has some serious character flaws. He disrespected Anne Frank while visiting her former home by writing that he hoped she would have been a “Belieber” had she been alive during his fame. This stunt in particular sparked so much distaste for the star, but it did not end there. Some fans remained after this shameful episode, though more were lost due to ensuing actions.

Bieber has disrespected police officials, whole nations of people and fans looking for a conversation or photo. He was detained for reckless driving while intoxicated and was faced with charges for resisting arrest. The singer very recently negligently congratulated Japanese war criminals by photographing himself in front of a war shrine in Tokyo. Bieber has also been known to completely ignore fans, even if they speak directly at him while sitting next to him. Many tweets aimed at Bieber showcase fans tired of his disrespect and immaturity, as well as once-were fans who cannot understand why the star is still so popular.

Egging a neighbor’s house is not out of line in the eyes of Bieber. The singer recently egged his neighbor’s house with friends and was caught on a surveillance camera celebrating the event. The piling criminal history for the star has made traveling out of the country a headache for himself and his entourage. Bieber was recently held at LAX for his loaded criminal history and should probably get used to such treatment if he plans to continue on harassing the world and breaking the law.

It is not possible to pinpoint one specific incident that has caused many of Bieber’s fans to turn away from supporting him. It is a possibility that many of the people who signed his deportation petition were once devout fans who are tired of his disrespect for just about everything. The majority of Bieber’s recent publicity is negative; though, the singer is still in the spotlight even if it is only highlighting the bad. For many famous people publicity in general is wanted with no specific desire for positive or negative exposure. The star has grown up in the public eye, which is extremely hard for many people. Time will tell if Bieber is a lost cause, or if he just has a huge amount of growing up to do.

Opinion by Courtney Heitter

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