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Improvisational Stand-Up Routine Dazzles the Audience!

I was  performing at a school last month and suddenly, I broke into an improvisational routine about runway models and Barbie.  Over the years, I have often done this on stage, both during my kids show and my adult show.  I love to perform my classic routines, but I also enjoy the freedom that I have on stage that allows me to do “stream of consciousness” stand-up.  It brings out so much of my energy and inner thoughts and it is so wonderful for the creative process.  In fact, many of the funny, insane thoughts that I have on a daily basis swirl around in my head and I subconsciously write routines on a daily basis.  The moment of truth arrives when something bothers me enough to the point that I have to “unleash” it on stage and usually those moments are purely magical.  They are unadulterated, uninhibited, and very much like a train running off the tracks.  Those stretches on stage are high-powered, electrifying, and without any kind of comedic boundaries in the sense that, unlike tried and tested comedy routines, there is not a planned beginning, middle, and end.  The routine has been written in my head and now it is simply my vocal cords and physicality that take over.  So, enjoy this brief glimpse into my heart, mind, and comedy soul.  The children sure did!  Bye for now…….:)

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