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Who is Mr. L.?

Just before a hike in southern West Virginia

“Michael is a stage natural” (Ft. Lauderdale News) and evidence of this was seen very early on when he entertained scores of women at his mom’s Tupperware parties.

Michael’s extraordinary ability to bring laughter to people everywhere eventually led him to an open mic night a week after he graduated from the University of Florida. While teaching in the public elementary school system by day, he was honing his stand up skills at local South Florida clubs with the likes of “Carrot Top” and “Larry the Cable Guy” whom Michael has shared the stage with on many occasions.

Since the late 80’s, Michael has compiled an impressive comedy resume that includes performances on the world-famous Las Vegas “strip”, numerous college appearances, comedy clubs and as an opening act for legendary Motown artist Smokey Robinson.

Michael had always seen the need for the public school system to address character education. Drawing from his days as an elementary educator, Michael knew that the best approach for him was to teach character through laughter. So, he decided to utilize his experience as an educator and his charismatic and electrifying performance skills to create “Stand Up for Kids”.

Michael’s unique ability to perform age-appropriate stand up comedy coupled with a powerful and moving message has inspired thousands of children, educators and parents throughout the country. His amazingly energetic and captivating performances cause hysteria amongst the students while they learn what it means to be a “STAR”.

Michael resides in Las Vegas and performs “Stand Up for Kids” and his (adult comedy) show, “Pure Insanity” all over the country.  As far as we know (and we have searched many times on the internet), Michael is the only professional comedian in the USA who performs separate shows for children and adults.  That’s quite a distinction!   He enjoys traveling, hiking, playing sports, studying the Thai language and culture,  and bringing laughter and joy to people everywhere.


  1. Karik says:

    Hey mike it’s karishma I’d love to c u again where r u

  2. Tiara Brown says:

    I miss you so much Teacher L. I really want you to come to my school. I will tell my teachers about this and the princible because she said if you find anything good tell her. Bye<3

    • Tiara, you are such a sweetheart! I am so pleased that you are telling your teacher and principal about my show. You can also tell your principal that if he/she would like to speak to another principal about much he and his school enjoyed Stand-Up For Kids, then they can call the Principal, Mr. Bass, at the Pembroke Pines Charter School Central Campus. I performed two morning shows there yesterday. His phone number is 954.322.3300. He LOVED the shows and already asked me to return next year. O.K., I am going to write a new article for the blog right now so check it out later tonight. Bye for now…….:)

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